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Computer - Serial ports description

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Apple Macintosh
  • C64 RS232 User Port connector Available on the Commodore C64/C128. Software emulated. The signals does not have true RS232 levels. It's TTL level, and RXD/TXD is inverted. It's just the normal User Port, used as a RS232 port.
  • C64 Serial I/O connector Available on the Commodore C64, C16, C116 and +4 computers
  • DEC DLV11-J Serial connector Available on the DEC DLV11-J Serial card
  • DEC Dual RS-232 connector Found on the DEC Multia and DEC UDB (Universal Desktop Box). It contains two Serial ports on one connector. The 1st Port is located on the normal pins, and the 2nd port is located on some "spare" pins.
  • SGI serial port This connector can be found on Challenge, Onyx, Personal IRIS, and Power Series systems
  • Serial (SGI MiniDIN) connector Mini-DIN-8 serial port connectors are found on the Personal IRIS 4D/30, 4D/35, Indigo, Indy, and Indigo2. They are also found on the Origin 200 and Origin 2000 systems, used of MMSC/System controller ("Aux") port.
  • SUN LX/Classic/SS4/5/10/20 Serial Port connector This port is located in modern SUN Sparcs such as SUN LX/Classic/SS4/5/10/20 and has both serial ports (A/B) in the same connector. Simply plugging in a regular serial cable in results in accessing port A.
  • Serial (SUN) connector Available on SUN computers since the SUN3 series (1988) to the current UltraSparc systems (RS423/RS232)

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