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pinout (распиновка)

ITU-TSS V.35 connector

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Common names: ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.35

34 pin M/34 MALE connector
Pin Name Dir Description
A --- Chassis Ground
B --- Signal Ground
C RTS --> Request To Send
D CTS &t;-- Clear To Send
E DSR &t;-- Data Set Ready
F DCD &t;-- Data Carrier Detect
H DTR --> Data Terminal Ready
J LL &t;-- Local Loopback
K --> Local Test
L unused
M unused
N unused
P TxD- --> Send Data A
R RxD- &t;-- Receive Data A
S TxD+ --> Send Data B
T RxD+ &t;-- Receive Data B
U --> Terminal Timing A
V &t;-- Receive Timing A
W --> Terminal Timing B
X &t;-- Receive Timing B
Y &t;-- Send Timing A
Z unused
AA &t;-- Send Timing B
BB unused
CC unused
DD unused
EE unused
FF unused
HH unused
JJ unused
KK unused
LL unused
MM unused
NN unused
There seem to be two versions of the V.35 pinning. One is called V.35 Winchester, the other is called V.35 Straight. One is mirrored to the other. We don"t know how it is mirrored. This information came from a 3Com source. Their Access Builder 4000 V.35 Card interface is V.35 Straight they say. The Dutch PTT supplies V.35 interface according to V.35 Winchester. Connecting these two requires some sort of crossed cable.

34 pin M/34 FEMALE connector

Note: Direction is DTE (Computer) relative DCE (Modem)

Источник: V.35 Page at Connectivity Knowledge Platform (Made IT)