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pinout (распиновка)

SGI keyboard connector

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Mini-DIN-6 keyboard connectors are found on Indigo, Indigo2, Indy, O2, Octane, and Onyx systems. This pinout is for Indigo systems which _is not_ P/S2 compatible. Indigo2, Indy, O2, Octane, and Onyx systems uses standard ps/2 port.

6 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE (PS/2 STYLE) connector  at the computer
pin name description
1 KRCD Keyboard Receive
2 MRCD Mouse Receive
3 GND Ground
4 PWR+ Power +8V
5 KTXD Keyboard Transmit
6 PWR- Power-8v

Источник: Chan"s pinouts page