Get wired - Samsung  X100, X600, E700 mobile (cellular) phones connector, cellular phone (keyboard down),

Samsung X100, X600, E700 mobile (cellular) phones connector


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for data/flash cable only

18 pin mobile special connector  at the cellular phone (keyboard down)
Base pinout (originally suggested for X100):
Pin Signal Description
1,14 +Vbat accumulator out
2 TxD serial 1 out
3 RxD serial 1in
4 RTS serial 1 RTS
5 CTS serial 1 CTS
6 JIG_REC power on/off scheme control
7 CHARGER_OK power on/off and charging control
8,11,13 GND  
9 AUX_MIC handsfree mic in
10 RXD1 serial 2 in
12 REC01 power on/off scheme input
15 TXD1 serial 2 out
16 AUX_SPK handsfree speaker out
17,18 V_EXT_CHARGE charge input
18 +Vext  
For the data- flash cable, pins 1,16,17,18 should be shorted and connected by two R=22Kom resistors to the pin 2 and pin 3. Pins 8, 11, 13 should be shorted to GND.