Get wired - Pinout and descrition of pinout of  the Ericsson T28/R320

Ericsson T28, R320, T2x, T3x, T6x, A26x, Rxxx, T68 mobile (cellular) phones connector


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full pinout

11 pin Ericsson mobile special connector  at the mobile phone (keypad up)
Name Direction Description
1 audio Audio to mobile
2 RTS Audio from mobile + RTS
3 CTS CTS + Mobile on request
4 data in Data to mobile (Rx)
5 data out Data from mobile (Tx)
6 ACC in Accessory control to mobile
7 ACC out Accessory control from mobile + handsfree sense
8 GND Audio signal ground + 0V reference
9 flash Flash memory voltage + Service
10 GND Digital ground
11 Vcc DC + for battery charging + External accessory powering
There is alternative pinout. This should work at least for T2x/T6x:
6 RX
7 TX
9 Test, must be shorted to the pin 11
10 GND
11 +5v

Pins are numerated from left to right when the keypad is up.