Get wired - Pinout and description of Apple Video Mirror connector.

Apple Video Mirror connector


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Optional Video Display Mirror Output Feature. Available on Apple Power Macintosh 5400

Pin Name Description
1 VID.GND Video ground
2 RED Red signal
3 GREEN Green signal
4 VID.GND Video ground
5 VID.GND Video ground
6 BLUE Blue signal
7 CSYNC C sync
8 VSYNC Vertical sync
9 MLB.SYNC.EN.L Not used (reserved)
10 HSYNC Horizontal sync
11 DAC.ISET.1 Not used(reserved)
12 DAC.ISET.2 Not used (reserved)
13 SND.GND Not used (reserved)
14 SND.RIGHT Not used (reserved)
15 SND.LEFT Not used (reserved)
16 +5V +5 volts
17 GND Ground
18 SDAT Not used (reserved)
19 SCLK Not used (reserved)
20 +12V +12 volts
21 -12V -12 volts
22 Dot Clock Scaled dot clock (scaled to 10 percent)

Source: Apple Power Macintosh 5400 Developer Note