Get wired - Pinout and description for building a Macintosh Modem (Without DTR) cable.

Macintosh Modem (Without DTR) Cable


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This cable should be used for DTE to DCE (for instance computer to modem) connections without DTR

8 pin MINI-DIN MALE connector  to the computer
Mac Dir Modem
HSKo 1 --> 4 RTS
HSKi 2 <-- 5 CTS
TxD- 3 --> 2 TxD
RxD- 5 <-- 3 RxD
GND+RxD+ 4+8 - 7 GND
      6+20 DSR+DTR

25 pin D-SUB MALE connector  to the modem

Source: comp.sys.mac.comm FAQ Part 1