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pinout (распиновка)

Ericsson T10S T18S A1018S 688 888 mobile (cellular) phones connector

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full pinout

12 pin Ericsson mobile special connector  at the cellular phone
PinSignal Description
1+ external power supply (7.2Volt - 600mA)
2RS232 input (TTL)
3GND (digital)
4RS232 output (TTL)
5+5V output
6Test. Switch phone off and provide +5V and switch back on. (set comms at 9600, n,8,1)
8Internal/external mic and ear (0=External - open=Internal)
9GND (analogic)
10? Related to Mic/Speak
11BF in
12BF out

5 and 6 must be shorted for flashing