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pinout (распиновка)

RAD console cable (9 pin)

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Console cable for configuring RAD's devices (e.g. FPS-8). This is non-standard cable, because RAD FPS-8 switch is supplied with DB-25 - RJ-45 cable. Most of modern computers have no 25 pin COM-ports.

9 pin D-SUB FEMALE connector  to the computer
Pin name
Direction RAD switch
RAD switch
Pin name
DCD 1 2   May be skipped if shorted with DSR in DB-9 connector
RxD 2 5    
TxD 3 6    
DTR 4 3    
GND 5 4    
DSR 6 1   May be shorted with DCD
RTS 7 8    
CTS 8 7    
RI 9 -?-   Not used  

9 pin D-SUB FEMALE connector  to the device ??

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