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pinout (распиновка)

Ethernet 10/100Base-T Straight Thru Cable

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This cable will work with both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX and is used to connect a network interface card to a hub or network outlet. These cables are sometimes called "whips".

8 pin RJ45 MALE connector  to the network interface card
Name Pin Cable Color Pin Name
TX+ 1 White/Orange 1 TX+
TX- 2 Orange 2 TX-
RX+ 3 White/Green 3 RX+
  4 Blue 4  
  5 White/Blue 5  
RX- 6 Green 6 RX-
  7 White/Brown 7  
  8 Brown 8  

Just for your information, this is how the pairs are named:

Pair Pins Common color
1 4 & 5 Blue
2 1 & 2 Orange
3 3 & 6 Green
4 7 & 8 Brown

The + side of each pair is called the "tip" and the - side is called the "ring", a reference to old telephone connectors.

8 pin RJ45 MALE connector  to the hub

Note: It's important that each pair is kept as a pair. TX+ & TX- must be in the pair, and RX+ & RX- must together in another pair. (Just as the table above shows).