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Компьютер - слоты расширения на материнской плате

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  • Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) connector AGP [Accelerated Graphics Port] is a Point-to-Point [Chip-to-Chip] bus using 1.5 Volt or 3.3V signaling. The main use of the AGP bus is as a Local Video bus in IBM compatible Personal Computers [PCs]
  • C-bus II connector Developed by Corolla. C-bus II is the successor to C-bus & Extended C-bus.
  • CardBus connector 32-bit bus defined by PCMCIA.
  • Communication and Networking Riser (CNR) The CNR connector is the interface between the motherboard and the CNR board. The connector provides all of the necessary signals to support several different configurations of audio, modem, and/or LAN subsystems in the system
  • CompactFlash connector Developed by SanDisk. Is compatible with PC-Card ATA with a simple passive adapter.
  • CompactPCI connector PCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect. CompactPCI is a version of PCI adapted for industrial and/or embedded applications.
  • ECBbus connector The ECB-bus was defined in 1984 by the german company KONTRON. It was defined of 100x160mm-europa-card and used 2x32 pins (row a and c). Later the third (middle) row of pins was defined for 16-bit-systems. Such bus uses all 3x32pins.
  • EISA connector This file is intended to provide a basic functional overview of the EISA Bus, so that hobbyists and amateurs can design their own EISA compatible cards.
  • Electrocoin connector The Electrocoin standard was introduced before JAMMA (Japanese Arcade Machine Manufacturers Association) to allow various games to be connected to generic cabinets such as Silverline and Goliaths.
  • I2C Bus, Access Bus 
  • IEEE1394 connector Full name IEEE 1394-1995. Also known as FireWire (Apple), iLink (Sony) or Lynx. Defines a serial data transfer protocol and interconnection system.
  • ISA connector ISA=Industry Standard Architecture
  • IndustrialPCI connector PCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect. IndustrialPCI is a version of PCI adapted for industrial and/or embedded applications.
  • JAMMA connector JAMMA=Japanese Arcade Machine Manufacturers Association
  • MCA Connector 
  • Miniature Card connector Developed by Intel. Miniature Card is a memory-only expansion card.
  • PC Card ATA connector This specification makes it possible to share ATA & PC Card with the same connectors.
  • PC Card connector The PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) connector (also called the "PC-Card" connector) is used to connect PCMCIA peripherals to computers, generally laptops.
  • PC/104 connector 
  • PCI connector PCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect
  • PCMCIA connector PCMCIA=Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.
  • Unibus connector Available on the old Digital PDP-11
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector Developed by Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp, IBM PC Co., Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Northern Telecom.
  • VESA LocalBus (VLB) connector VLB=VESA Local Bus. VESA=Video Electronics Standards Association.
  • VME64x connector 
  • VMEbus connector 
Apple Macintosh
  • SUN SBus connector Available on the SUN SPARCengine 5 motherboard
  • SUN SROMBO Connector Available on SUN SPARCengine motherboards. Seems to be for SUN internal factory tests/programming.
  • SUN SROMBOlite Connector Available on SUN SPARCengine motherboards. Seems to be for SUN internal factory tests/programming

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